Friday 7 November 2008

Texas Tracker #6

as by Tom Calhoun
Jove, March 2005

J.T. Law swore he’d never return to Missouri, there is too many bad memories, too much bad blood, and too many people who still hold grudges against him for the troubled trail he rode after the Civil War. But when he gets word his childhood sweetheart, Sara Woodall, is in danger, there’s no stopping him riding to the rescue. A gang of cutthroats has a score to settle with Sara’s husband, a judge they’d bribed to get their pals out of jail. And when the judge goes missing, they aim to take out their fury on Sara and her young children. But J.T. Law has an aim of his own – and it’s about to hit the killers right between the eyes…

This book allows the author (John Legg writing as Tom Calhoun) to delve into the past of J.T. Law, revealing some of the events that shaped his character and lead to him becoming a bounty hunter. Not only is this a story of bad verses good but also a love story, as J.T.’s feelings for Sara surface once more and Sara struggles with her own rekindled attractions to Law and her love for her missing husband.

I think the book is also longer than the previous five providing the reader with more story for their money. As this also seems to be the last book in this series I felt too many questions remained unanswered by the end but that’s possibly not the authors fault as he wouldn’t have known that the publisher was going to cancel the series after this book. Having said that Showdown in Austin still proves to be a very entertaining read.


Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

Not read this but I hate it when publishers end things mid series.

Steve M said...

This one of the series that had four books published from May 02 til Feb 03 and then no more new books came out until Nov 04 and the final one in March 05.

Makes me wonder how much these big gaps in publishing damage sales of the latter attempt to get the series going again.