Saturday 15 November 2008

The Gunsmith #100

as by J. R. Roberts
Jove, April 1990

Somebody’s just pumped Clint Adams’ old pal Talbot Roper full of lead. Who did it and why, only Roper knows – and he isn’t talking. Not much to go on, but Clint aims to nab the pistol-packin’ vermin who’s responsible.

But the Gunsmith’s search leads him onto a trail of stolen gold. The thieves have robbed the railroad, hidden the loot – and murdered two of Wells Fargo’s best men. Now Wells Fargo wants revenge, the Gunsmith wants to fins a killer, and everybody wants a cut of the reward money. And the Gunsmith’s battle is just heating up. His next stop is Mexico – where some hotheaded revolutionaries are riding into town, hungry for gold…and thirsty for blood!

This book begins with a lengthy prologue that has nothing to do with the main story other than fill readers in to some of Clint Adams, The Gunsmith's background. As to be expected from a book in this series is moves at a terrific pace and a number of people from previous books arrive to help Adams discover who gunned Roper down.

There’s not a terrific amount of gunplay but when it comes it’s fast and furious. The style of writing has a kind of urgency to it that is part of the reason these books are so hard to put down once started.

This proved to be a satisfying read and should be on the reading list of all Gunsmith fans.


Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

Another Gunsmith - I've only ever read the one of these and enjoyed it. Am on the lookout for more.

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

Oh and Steve let me know what you think of the Hawkwood book

Steve M said...

Will do Gary, aiming to read it sometime this week.