Sunday 9 November 2008

The Devil & Lou Prophet

by Peter Brandvold
Berkley, February 2002

Call him manhunter, tracker, or bounty hunter. As long as the cash was cold and the trail was hot, Lou Prophet would run his quarry into the ground before giving up the chase. He loved his work – it kept him in wine and women, and was never, ever dull. And his newest job sounds particularly attractive…

Her name is Lola Diamond. She’s a showgirl, a chanteuse, and a prime witness in a murder trial that’s going on without her. Prophet is supposed to find her and “escort” her to the courthouse, whether she likes it or not. But even as Prophet and his lovely charge battle each other, some very dangerous men are moving to make sure the pair never reach the courthouse alive. And Lou Prophet is about to find out that even the best hunter can become someone else’s prey…

Like other books I’ve read by Peter Brandvold he's once more come up with the goods in this tough gritty read. At times funny - witness Prophet’s ‘accident’ during the opening action sequence for one example. His characters don’t come across as super beings, all have flaws, make mistakes. The story builds well to its violent conclusion.

For me the quote on most of Brandvold’s books by Frank Roderus rings true - ‘Make room on your shelf of favourites for Peter Brandvold.’

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