Monday 17 November 2008

Brand #3

as by Neil Hunter
Linford Western Library, 1997
originally published in 1978

Jason Brand was assigned to track down a renegade halfbreed called Lobo, who was terrorising the territory and killing innocent people. Part white and part Apache, Lobo didn’t belong to either society and had a grudge against the world. He was causing a deal of unrest and was wanted by both the whites and the Apaches. Brand realised that he had a hard task ahead of him and decided to seek the help of the Apache leader, Nante…

Neil Hunter is the pseudonym used by Mike Linaker for his series westerns in the 1970’s and he’s a honourary member of a group of writers known as the Piccadilly Cowboys.

The above explanation of who Neil Hunter is should reveal the type of book this is; yes a fast moving, brutal and action packed read that doesn’t let up for a minute.

Lobo is an evil character, totally devoid of compassion and no one is safe from him, even his half-sister.

Brand has to go through all kinds of hell before justice can be served and at times you have to wonder at how he has the strength to carry on.

The violence is described in all it’s gory detail so if you don’t like such graphic content in your reading material then this book may not be for you, but if you enjoy a book filled with savagery that reads more like a spaghetti western than an American B western then this is definitely for you.

Such a shame it took so long for a publisher to put out the Brand books in English as they originally only appeared in Norway.

Now available as an ebook.


Chris said...

Sounds action-packed. Thanks for the great review.

Steve M said...

Unfortunately these books aren't too easy to find these days - at least at sensable prices.

Ray said...

I agree with that. I borrowed 'Lobo' from the library - same edition as shown. Been looking for a decent priced Nos 1 & 2 since.