Saturday, 12 September 2020


Number 4 of 29
By Jory Sherman
Cover art by Pino Daeni
Zebra, 1980

Once Gunn met the beautiful Jilly Collins, her loving wouldn’t let him kiss her goodbye. She was the kind of woman who could please, tease and entice a man to do whatever she wanted – and what she wanted was revenge. So, she convinced Gunn to ride to Cataldo Mission and help her get even with Jason Berryman, the ruthless scoundrel who married her, took her money and ran.

They found Berryman in the local saloon playing out a winning hand of cards, but when he saw his wife with the sharpshooter Gunn, he knew that death would be the winner – and that lady luck had run out.

As you’ll see from the cover, this book is part of an adult western series. Explicit sex does take up a fair portion of the pages and it seems Gunn gets to bed most of the main female characters. This also leads to a very funny scene with an embarrassed Gunn caught by Jilly with another girl in his room. Jealousy also rears its head in another well written part of the story when two women engage in a wild catfight much to the amusement of the onlookers.

There is plenty of other action too, the kind involving fists, knives and guns that is often graphic in its description.

Berryman makes for an excellent adversary who always seems to be one step-ahead of those pursuing him. When Gunn and Jilly catch up to him, he is in the process of swindling another woman in a similar way to how he tricked Jilly. Getting Jilly’s money back soon becomes less of a priority to staying alive. 

I’ve read quite a few books written by Jory Sherman and have always enjoyed his writing style, his attention to detail and often poetic descriptions of emotions and landscapes are a joy to read and this story lived up to all my expectations. If you appreciate westerns that have a fast-paced plot, are filled with violent gunplay, contain graphic sex, and have some humorous scenes too, then this maybe a book you should consider reading.

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