Saturday, 10 December 2011

Morgan Kane: The Claw of the Dragon

By Louis Masterson
WR Films Entertainment Group, Inc.
eBook, December 2011

Plunder from the ancient shrines of Mexico!

Major Monroe of the 4th Mounted, Texas, wasn’t smiling. Someone had found a new and profitable source of income – stealing holy Mexican treasures and shipping them across the Rio Grande. The Mexican authorities were angry. Monroe had to act quickly. So Morgan Kane, the ranger with eyes of slate and nerves of steel, was sent to investigate. His search was to end in Cuervo del Drache – the Dragon’s Lair….

The first part of this book introduces the reader to Racewick Dragolech, who will soon become known as Race Drago. We follow his trail to a life of crime and his education in how to become a fast gun – the final lessons being to lure other quick draw artists to a secluded spot and face off to them. We also discover how the Dragon’s Lair was found.

As Morgan Kane’s investigation unfolds Louis Masterson fills the reader in on a lot of Aztec history including information on spotting Aztec treasures. The story also delves into the politics of keeping peace between Mexico and America. All this provides some fascinating reading.

When the action sequences come they are fast and brutal. The final showdown between Kane and Drago is extremely well written and very visual.

This book also introduces Zarco Palacio, a beautiful woman who will leave Kane with a lasting memory, a woman not to be forgotten, who will return later in the series to again throw Kane’s emotions into turmoil, therefore making this book one not to miss for those who are following the series.

The Morgan Kane ebooks are also available from itunes.

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