Friday 30 December 2011

Gunsmoke Over New Mexico

By Dale Graham
Hale, December 2011

Nobody in the town of Tularosa is aware of the secret harboured by the proprietor of the local firearms store. The truth is that Sol Henshaw has never fired a gun in his life. All that changes when the infamous Clanton Gang rob the bank in the sleepy New Mexico town.

Instinctively, Sol grabs the nearest revolver and runs into the street. A lucky shot kills the gang leader thus foiling the theft. Revered as a hero, Sol’s picture is splashed across the front page of the Tularosa Tribune. The hot-headed younger brother of Rafe Clanton also sees it and wants revenge.

But all does not go according to plan and innocent victims are placed in the firing line. How can Sol Henshaw save his family and bring the gang to justice? Much blood will be spilled before the final denouement.

Dale Graham, who also writes under the pseudonym of Ethan Flagg, has written another fast paced and exciting story in this, his nineteenth book. The tale really shows how the press can be as much of a problem as the events it reports on.

Character studies are excellent, particularly those of Sol and his family. The gambler, Iron Mike Steel, hired to be Tularosa’s new lawman, is another memorable character, as are the various gang members.

There’s plenty of gun action before the final showdown that sees Sol Henshaw deciding to make the ultimate sacrifice, whether he dies or lives is something I’m not going to reveal here, I’ll just say that I think most western fans will enjoy reading this book and be thoroughly entertained whilst finding out.

This book is officially released today, and if you want a copy I’d suggest you grab one quickly as BHW tend to sell out fast.

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