Sunday 6 October 2013

The Hot Spurs

By Boyd Cassidy
Hale, September 2013

When the riders of the Bar 10 run up against an escaped prisoner and his ruthless gang they find themselves in deep trouble. Cole Logan and his henchmen are heading to Mexico when they learn that the Circle J ranch have returned from a profitable cattle drive and are heavy with loot, making them a sitting target for a raid.

But Gene Adams and his Bar 10 cowboys are soon in hot pursuit and all they need to do is stop the outlaws before they reach the border….

This is the eleventh book in Boyd Cassidy’s Bar 10 series.

From the opening pages this story moves forwards at a terrific pace and is filled with action. If we count the killings that happen off screen, so to speak, along with those that we witness, this book has to be at the top of the pile for the most deaths in a Black Horse Western you’re likely to read, the opening chapter tells of over two hundred killings alone!

Gene Adams and his men aren’t afraid of taking on larger odds, and this is what they set out to do after witnessing the aftermath of another slaughter, eventually tracking the outlaws down and taking them on in a savage battle that sees justice dealt out.

Boyd Cassidy is a pseudonym used by Michael D. George, and he can always be guaranteed to provide the reader with an entertaining read. His descriptions place you right in there with the action and his dialogue is sprinkled with humour which balances out the more violent aspects of his gritty storylines.

Let’s hope it isn’t another three years before the next Bar 10 book appears. 

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