Sunday 20 October 2013

The Ghost with Blue Eyes

By Robert J. Randisi
AmazonEncore, October 2013

It was a sight that would haunt Lancaster's soul for the rest of his life - a beautiful little girl with startling blue eyes. Eyes that looked up at him as he fired the shot that killed her.

He hadn't meant to do it. Why did she have to get in the way just as he drew down on the man he was hired to kill? He asked himself that question every day, but he never found the answer, or a way to forgive himself. Even before the girl's body was cold, Lancaster hung up his guns and picked up a bottle. But even the booze couldn't get those blue eyes out of his head.

And when he found another another little girl who needed his help. a girl as desperate and sad as the one he'd killed, he knew he'd finally found a way to regain his soul ... even if it cost him his life into the bargain.

This isn't a review as I read this book when it first came out in August 1999 which was before this blog was even thought of. So why am I posting this now? Simply because I think it's a book that needs attention bringing back to it as AmazonEncore have just made it available again and that I think it's a terrific read and one that should be considered by all western fans.

Robert J. Randisi believes it's one of his best westerns ever, if not his best, and this is something I just have to agree with.

Originally a stand-alone title I believe, the book, and its hero, became such a hit that Randisi went on to write three more books featuring Lancaster in the lead role.

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