Monday 31 December 2012

Westerns read during 2012

Here’s a list of the Westerns I’ve read this year, or listened to in a couple of cases. I’ve linked each to its review and will continue to update the links to those that I haven’t reviewed yet.

JANUARY READS – 11 books

1. Unmasked edited by Tom Roberts
2. The Guerrilla Man: Bloody Trail to Kansas by Steven Clark
3. Morgan Kane: The Star and the Gun by Louis Masterson
4. The Trailsman #363: Death Devil by Jon Sharpe
5. No Coward by Lee Clinton
6. Pay Dirt by Lee Walker
7. Miles to Little Ridge by Heath Lowrance
8. Six Ways of Dying by Cody Wells
9. The Last Ride of Jed Strange by Frank Leslie
10. The Hellrakers by Owen G. Irons
11. The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt


12. Morgan Kane: Backed by the Law by Louis Masterson
13. Death on the Devil’s Highway by Josh Lockwood
14. Sabinas Kid by Steve Ritchie
15. The Gunsmith #2: The Chinese Gunmen by J.R. Roberts (audio version)
16. Redemption: Hunters by James Reasoner
17. Fugitive Run by Chet Cunningham
18. Cotton’s Law by Phil Dunlap
19. A Message for McCleod by Emmett Stone
20. Devils Nest by Richard Prosch
21. Hang ‘Em All by David Whitehead
22. The Brothers O’Brien by William W. Johnstone with J.A. Johnstone
23. Morgan Kane: A Ranger’s Honor by Louis Masterson

MARCH READS – 11 books

24. Longarm and the 400 Blows by Tabor Evans
25. Violence at Sundown by Frank O’Rourke
26. The Trailsman #365: High Country Greed by Jon Sharpe
27. Bullets for a Ballot by Nik Morton
28. Dead Man’s Ranch a Ralph Compton novel by Matthew P. Mayo
29. Morgan Kane: Marshal and Murderer by Louis Masterson
30. Last Man in Lazarus by Bill Shields
31. Range of Terror by Billy Hall
32. Cody’s Law #5: Mano A Mano by Matthew S. Hart (audio version)
33. The Vinegar Peak Wars by Hugh Martin
34. The Venom of Iron Eyes by Rory Black

APRIL READS – 9 books

35. Dead Man’s Brand by Norbert Davis
36. Slocum and the High-Rails Heiress (#398) by Jake Logan
37. Buff Tea by Edward M. Erdelae
38. Thunder Valley by David Robbins
39. The Search for the Lone Star by I.J. Parnham
40. Morgan Kane: Pistolero by Louis Masterson
41. No Peace for a Rebel by Peter Wilson
42. Derailed by Owen G. Irons
43. The Trailsman #366: Mountains of No Return by Jon Sharpe

MAY READS – 14 books

44. Sundown at Singing River by Ty Kirwan
45. Morgan Kane: The Monster from Yuma by Louis Masterson
46. Midnight Rider by Ralph Cotton
47. Twilight Trail by Lance Howard
48. .45-Caliber Cross Fire by Peter Brandvold
49. Against All Odds by Hank J. Kirby
50. Bodie #1: Trackdown by Neil Hunter
51. Fortress Palomino by Michael D. George
52. Morgan Kane: The Devil’s Marshal by Louis Masterson
53. The Trailsman #367: Texas Tempest by Jon Sharpe
54. Ride the Savage River by Scott Connor
55. Tribute to a Legend by Connor McKenzie
56. Have Gun, Will Play by Camille LaGuire
57. The Red Sabbath by Lewis B. Patten

JUNE READS – 11 books

58. Escape from the Alamo by Dac Crossley
59. The Accomplice #3: The Silent Partner by Marcus Galloway
60. The Blackwell Claim by Troy D. Smith
61. The Ranch Next Door and other stories by Elisabeth Grace Foley
62. Blood of the Scalphunter by John Legg
63. Apache #1: The First Death by William M. James
64. Morgan Kane: Gunman’s Inheritance by Louis Masterson
65. The Pecos Kid #5: Devil’s Creek Massacre by Jack Bodine
66. The Ghosts of Poynter by Amos Carr
67. The Bloodstained Crossing by Matt Laidlaw
68. Gallows Bound by Ben Coady

JULY READS – 10 books

69. Three Rode Together by Steve Hayes and David Whitehead
70. Morgan Kane: Revenge! by Louis Masterson
71. The Bells of El Diablo by Frank Leslie
72. Bullet for a Virgin by Peter Brandvold
73. The Loner #5: Rattlesnake Valley by J.A. Jihnstone
74. Old Gun Wolf by Frank Leslie
75. Stuart Brannon’s Final Shot by the Bly Family
76. Tanglefoot by Logan Winters
77. Invite to a Showdown by Terrell L. Bowers
78. Hour of the Black Wolf by Mark P. Lynch

AUGUST READS – 11 books

79. The Outlaw’s Daughter by C.J. Sommers
80. Of Stampedes, Runaway Trains, & Riverboat Scoundrels by James C. Odonnell
81. The Trailsman #370: Blind Man’s Bluff by Jon Sharpe
82. Blood on the Land by Paul Bedford
83. Beyond Redemption by I.J. Parnham
84. Wolf Creek #1: Bloody Trail by Ford Fargo
85. Shadow of Guilt by Mark Bannerman
86. Murphy by Gary Paulsen
87. Six-Gun Nemesis by Colin Bainbridge
88. Big with Vengeance by Cecil Snyder
89. Rancho Diablo #3: Dead Man’s Revenge by Colby Jackson


90. Luke Jensen, Bounty Hunter by William W. Johnstone with J.A. Johnstone
91. Rogue Lawman: The Lonely Widow by Peter Brandvold
92. The Trailsman #371: California Killers by Jon Sharpe
93. Day of the Wolf by Charles G. West
94. Talbot Roper #1: Bullets and Lies by Robert J. Randisi
95. High Noon in Snake Ridge by Scott Connor
96. Johnny Dollar by Tony Masero
97. Domingo’s Trail by Greg Mitchell
98. Fargo’s Legacy by Tyler Hatch


99. Rusty Spurr #1: The Last Lawman by Peter Brandvold
100. The Trailsman #372: Missouri Mastermind by Jon Sharpe
101. Faro Blake #1: The Big Gamble by Zeke Masters
102. Easy Company and the Bible Salesman (#25) by John Wesley Howard
103. Judgement Trail by Rob Hill
104. Double Cross Trail Drive by Chet Cunningham
105. Duel of Shadows by Billy Hall
106. Trooper Dalton by Ed Law


107. The Long Shooters by Daniel C. Chamberlain
108. The Trailsman #373: Utah Terror by Jon Sharpe
109. The Spanish Bit Saga #20: Walks in the Sun by Don Coldsmith
110. Stillman #6: Once Upon a Dead Man by Peter Brandvold
111. Fergal O’Brien #3: Miss Dempsey’s School for Gunslingers by I.J. Parnham
112. The Hanging of Red Cavanagh by Jim Lawless
113. Blood and Gold by Clay Starmer
114. Poison Mean by Peter Brandvold
115. Whispering Skull by Dean Edwards


116. The Outlaw Life by Owen G. Irons
117. Wind River #2: Thunder Wagon by James Reasoner
118. The Trailsman #374: Fort Death by Jon Sharpe
119. Sudden Death by Corba Sunman
120. Not a Hope in Hell by Hank J. Kirby
121. The Head Hunters by Mark Bannerman
122. Bowen & Baile by Frank Roderus
123. The No-Account Girl by Peter Brandvold
124. Nine Dead Men by Walter L. Bryant
125. Pitchfork Justice by Chuck Tyrell


Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

Hey no Wild Bill - never mind keep it for the new year. All the best and have a great western filled 2013

Jo Walpole said...

And thank you for all your reviews :)