Wednesday 26 December 2012

The Head Hunters

By Mark Bannerman
Hale, December 2012

Elmer Carrington, former Captain of the Texas Rangers, is the victim of a horrendous crime committed by the Mexican bandit, Mateo.

Accompanied by Daniel Ramos, another victim of Mateo, he sets off in pursuit of the man they hate. With the trail leading them deep into Mexico, through dangerous mountains and blistering desert, they encounter terrifying hazards and unforeseen enemies. But nothing has prepared them for the treachery and torture that awaits them when Carrington is given a hideous task. Failure to carry it out threatens death for both him and Daniel Ramos….

Mark Bannerman has long been a popular author of Black Horse Westerns and this book should help keep that reputation alive. His writing style easily pulls the reader into the story and his method of switching from character to character scene-by-scene or chapter to chapter, often leaving them in trouble, ensures the reader will continue turning the pages.

There’s plenty of action, some of it quiet savage – after all the title refers to bringing back the heads of those hunted as proof of their deaths. There’s also the added fear of catching the plague as Mateo is holed up in a town rife with it.

Let’s hope that the name of Mark Bannerman (a pseudonym used by Anthony Lewing) continues to appear on BHWs for a long time to come, as I for one look forward to each new book.

The Head Hunters is officially released on December 30th, but is available now from the usual Internet booksellers.

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