Monday 27 June 2011

Wyoming Double-Cross

By J.D. Kincaid
A Black Horse Western from Hale, June 2011

When the notorious Blair Wilton and his gang of outlaws decide to raid the bank at Medicine Bow, they send in Chicago confidence trickster Paul Springer to reconnoitre the town. Here a chance encounter with an old acquaintance from the windy city causes Springer to change his plans suddenly.

To add to the outlaws’ woes, Jack Stone, the famous Kentuckian gunfighter, enters into the fray and goes up against Wilton and his gang.

Will it be Stone or Wilton who survives the final, deadly confrontation?

This is the latest adventure in J.D. Kincaid’s popular series featuring gunfighter Jack Stone. I’m not sure if all the books put out under the J.D. Kincaid pseudonym are Stone stories, but the majority are.

Like the previous Stone book I read the gunfighter doesn’t actually appear in the story for quite a while, and once he does it’s only for brief moments until the last fourth of the story. J.D. Kincaid uses the rest of the book to outline his plot, introduce his well- crafted characters and develop the relationships between them all.

Springer is a great character, one who will have you guessing as to just what his intentions are, it’s his plans that the title comes from, but he’s not the only one who is planning a double-cross. Another memorable character is Kid Sawyer who first appears in chapter one and then isn’t mentioned for a long time, yet he remains in the readers mind, and the author makes you wait before re-introducing him again.

J.D. Kincaid’s books are easy, fast reads, full of action, that leave me looking forward to the next. The authors’ real name is James C. Dalgleish, but whether he writes under any other pseudonyms I have no idea.

Wyoming Double-Cross is officially released on June 30th, but is available now from the usual Internet bookstores.

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