Friday, 10 June 2011

Adventures of Cash Laramie and Gideon Miles

By Edward A. Grainger
An eBook, June 2011

This excellent collection of short stories is released today and, even though you may have read a couple of them already elsewhere, this is well worth adding to your library.

The Wind Scorpion
Kid Eddie
Miles to Go
The Bone Orchard Mystery
Under the Sun
The Outlaw Marshal

These stories offer a mix of the traditional western, although the two men of the title aren’t exactly clean-cut heroes, both are willing to bend the law somewhat to complete their objectives in a way that sees justice handed out according to their beliefs, and those that explore the darker side of Cash Larmaie, such as the final story in this collection. Some of these stories explore problems that still exist today; just read Melanie to discover what I mean – in fact you can read more of my thoughts on this particular tale here.

Edward A. Grainger also includes mystery elements and neat twists that hook the reader and make the book difficult to put down. The Bone Orchard Mystery is a fine example of this; I doubt any reader could put this story aside before finding out what is going on after reading the eerie opening scene.

Under the Sun was co-written with Sandra Seamans, and has a slightly different approach to the other stories in that Laramie and Miles are on the sidelines for most of the tale.

The collection also contains some well-done artwork to illustrate a number of the stories.

As I said at the beginning, this really is a eBook that should be in every western fans collection. Edward A. Grainger (real name David Cranmer) definitely knows how to write gripping and fast moving adventures filled with memorable characters that I’d like read more about someday.

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David Cranmer said...

Thank you, Steve. And I'm particularly delighted you mentioned the opening of "The Bone Orchard Mystery." I thought that one came out pretty good.