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Number 55 of 71 + 7 Giant Editions to date.
By David Thompson
Leisure, March 2008

Robert Parker ventures into the vast unknown to study new species of plant and animals in the name of science. He’s thrilled when a young half-breed named Zach King invites him back to his family’s secluded valley in the Rocky Mountains. But Parker’s about to find out he’s not the only newcomer. Three murderous prospectors have heard there’s a fortune in gold on the King’s land, and they’ll do anything to get it. They’ve heard how tough the King’s are, and they’re well prepared for that. But they haven’t counted on the grit of one determined greenhorn…

This is the second book in the Wilderness series to be written in the first person and it works extremely well. The story is told through the eyes of Robert Parker, a man who almost refuses to see danger in both man and beast, therefore putting him in many perilous situations. 

It was very interesting to see how Parker reacted and related to both Zach King and Blue Water Woman. In fact, it was great to see the latter taking such a central role. Even though Parker and Blue Water Woman come from very different backgrounds and cultures it soon became very apparent that they shared a common trait, that of their enjoyment of the natural world and a respect for the animals that inhabit it.

Of course, the story isn’t all about admiration for the wilderness it is also a story of greed and the lengths some people will go to in their quest to find gold, no matter who has to suffer in their hunt to find it. Something Parker struggles to accept and comprehend. It was fascinating to read that it wasn’t Zach King who teaches Parker the reality of this aspect of life but Blue Water Woman.

Into the Unknown has everything, touching moments of gentleness, savage moments of violence, and moments of humour. All this combines in a beautifully balanced and well written story that was a joy to read.

David Thompson is a pseudonym used by David Robbins and he still puts out books in this series today under his own name.

In October 2022, Piccadilly Publishing made Into the Unknown available as an ebook together with book 56 in series, In Darkest Depths, the cover of which you can see below.

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