Friday 30 October 2020


A Ralph Compton novel by Robert J. Randisi
Cover art by Dennis Lyall
Berkley, October 2020

Matt Wheeler was a legend in the West. His fast gun and dedication to justice made him a sought-after lawman for hire, but all of that promise vanished one sunny day when his wife was shot down in cold blood by a heartless band robber.

The thirst for vengeance sent Wheeler on a quest to find the killer. For taking the law into his own hands, the former lawman was convicted and sent to prison.

Seven and a half years have passed, and Wheeler has completed his sentence. One question remains: Will he ride for vengeance or for justice?

The first part of this book concentrates on Wheeler’s attempts to get work so he can raise the money needed to travel to his wife’s grave. He also battles with the question of whether he wants to track down the other two men involved in his wife’s death. Wheeler is fairly old too, so another question is does he still have the stamina and ability to track and face the killers? It takes a while for Wheeler to figure out what he wants to do, and his wife’s grave plays a large part in his decision making.

Like the majority of books I’ve read by Robert Randisi, this is a fast-paced easy read. The tale is dialogue driven and action scenes are dealt with quickly and efficiently, so as not to hold up the fast-developing plot for too long. Randisi also has a neat twist waiting for the final scenes that makes for a memorable ending.

Many of Robert Randisi’s books mix real people with fictional characters and this is another of them. Bass Reeves, Judge Isaac Parker and President Porfirio Diaz all have import roles to play in the outcome of this book.

Fans of Robert Randisi’s books will certainly enjoy this one and if you are yet to try this author this could be the perfect place to start.

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David Cranmer said...

I always enjoy Randisi's Westerns. Swift, enjoyable romps.