Monday 23 April 2018

52 western novel recommendations

By Scott Harris and Paul Bishop
October 2017

The Old West is uniquely American. It is a legend brought to life in sagas of blazing six-gun justice in wide-open towns and across vast ranges. 52 Weeks – 52 Western Novels is a fun guide to some of the best of these Western tales. Step into the Old West. Ride dusty trails, slap leather with outlaws, and get ready to battle Indians and the elements – all from the comfort of your favourite reading spot.

Scott Harris and Paul Bishop, along with a number of guest contributors, have brought together 52 western books that are favourites of theirs. Among them you’ll find old favourites and hopefully discover some new works to add to your collection.

This book is beautifully designed by Kari Kurti and Nerissa Stacey making it a pleasure to browse. Its presentation is well thought out, each entry including clear renditions of covers and film posters, many of which are supported by portraits of the authors too. Every entry is broken down into the same five or six sections depending whether the book in question has been filmed, these being; Book Facts, Author Facts, Beyond the Facts, Fun Fact, Movie Facts and a Favourite Quote. Every now-and-again you’ll come across a double-page spread Celebrating some aspect of the western genre such as the work of Louis L’Amour, the Piccadilly Cowboys and Western Comics. The book closes with profiles of the editors and the guest contributors.

52 Weeks was never intended to be a “Best of” collection, it’s purpose is to bring together some excellent examples of the western, gathered together by fans of the genre. This ensures there is a wide selection that covers all types and eras of these books being written, from 1902 to 2015.

This book offers much in the way of information behind the creation of those novels you love to read and will certainly have you searching for those you don’t yet have in your personal library. The book is intended for dipping into at your leisure, but I’m sure many readers will devour it all as soon as you get hold of a copy like I did and I can guarantee you’ll return to it time-and-again to re-read those entries whilst struggling to choose just which of the many great books to be found within its pages you’ll want to hunt for next.

52 Weeks – 52 Western Novels is a reference book every fan of the western genre should own as it’s a sheer pleasure to read and proves to be a valuable resource for discovering new books and authors that you’ll enjoy adding to your must-read list.


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Cheryl Pierson said...

Great review, and I will be picking up my copy SHORTLY! I love books like this!