Sunday 29 March 2015

Rawhide Express

By Jake Douglas
Hale, March 2015

They called him ‘Hardluck’ Lacy and the name stuck. It sure followed him to his old stamping ground, where old friends have now become new enemies.

But three years in prison have hardened him and he’s now ready for anything.

He hopes….

Plenty of questions serve to hook the reader early on and more come before any are answered. Why would Lacy’s long-time friend want Lacy’s land as it’s nothing particularly special?

Jake Douglas weaves his tale expertly, his tale gathering momentum all the while as it races to its memorable conclusion. Why memorable? Most westerns see a final shootout between good-guy and bad as justice is served. And, yes, the bad-guy does get his comeuppance but it isn’t dealt out as expected, in fact the book has a refreshing way of bringing about the bad-guys’ downfall, one that will stick in my mind for a good long time.

Of course I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed by this book as Jake Douglas is one of a fistful of pseudonyms used by one of my favourite western writers, Keith Hetherington. If you’ve yet to try his work then this book would serve as a perfect introduction to his excellent storytelling.

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