Sunday, 18 January 2015

Blood Trail

By John Legg
Wolfpack Publishing, August 2014

Humiliated and left to die by a band of ruthless outlaws, Travis is saved by a man even harder than those who nearly killed him. Now, his hunt for his own brother becomes a quest…and the man who saved him shows him that a blood trail is the easiest to follow! And he must follow it to the end. His end, or his brother's.

This is the first book in a new series by John Legg, an author whose work I have enjoyed on many an occasion.

The story begins with the loss of Travis’ parents and of the struggles he faces to keep the family farm going whilst looking out for his brothers and sister. With failing crops and rebellious brothers this task proves too much. But there is hope, Travis meets a young lady and marries her. Shortly after this Travis hears one of his brothers has taken to the outlaw trail and he sets off to save him if he can leaving his newly wed wife behind.

John Legg then ups the pace, showing how Travis changes into a ruthless bounty hunter and the book becomes an action packed read. Finding his brother, though, becomes an almost impossible task but eventually they do face each other.

John Legg has always known how to create memorable characters and interesting twisting plots that challenge you to put the book down even for the briefest of moments. Blood Trail is no different in those respects. The end is dramatic and moving and left me eager to read the second book in the series, Blood Feud, that has recently been published.

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