Thursday 17 November 2011

Let the Guns Decide

By Shane Archer
Hale, October 2011

Death comes to Macallister in the form of a milk-drinking baby-faced killer who leaves bodies in the dust. Lone Lee Kirby rides into a town desperate for help, but the body count grows as Kirby is forced to face his own demons.

This book throws many questions at the reader during its opening chapters; such as how come this town has the appearance of being so prosperous, all its citizens seemingly rolling in money from the town’s water-carrier up to the mayor? Why has the baby-faced killer ridden into town and gunned down three of the town’s leading citizens? Who exactly is Lee Kirby? What are the gang of outlaws hiding outside of town actually after? And so it goes on, as each question is answered so another takes its place.

Lee Kirby makes for an interesting anti-hero, and soon finds himself with some tough decisions to make; will he continue with his original plans or accept the position of lawman? Things become further complicated with the arrival of more strangers to town, what are they really here for? And of course there’s the girl, Jade, whom Kirby finds himself attracted. Jade, too, has to struggle with her feelings for Kirby and with her loyalty to the town and her father.

Shane Archer expertly brings about a satisfying ending to the book and ties up all the story threads neatly. The book is an easy read, face-paced and full of action. Overall Let the Guns Decide is a very entertaining way to pass a couple of hours.

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Jo Walpole said...

Sounds like one for me. :-)