Friday 30 September 2011

Doomsday Mesa

Chap O’Keefe
eBook, 2011

Ex-cavalryman Yale Cannon rode to Antelope for two very different reasons: in search of an old sweetheart and to bring out Red Effingham, a gunslick killer the sheriff had locked up in the ranch town’s jailhouse. After a confrontation with two cowpuncher brothers on the outskirts of town, Cannon decided to move more warily, and to use one mission as cover for the other.

His delving for old time’s sake quickly met opposition, but introduced him to suffragist schoolteacher Kate McDowell. Kate revealed that hatred between the cowmen and a settler community led by Abel Pryor, religious fanatic, was coming to a showdown. With Effingham busted from jail, the clash was set to be violent and bloody!

Chap O’Keefe has created an excellent set of characters for this book, from tough, hard men to equally as strong women. All out to get what they want whatever the cost.

As expected from a Chap O’Keefe book nothing is quite what it seems. As the story develops so do the schemes and doubt is thrown on the identities of some of the characters – are they who they say they are? Surely the plot can’t be quite as simple as cowmen v a religious group? I can answer this last question with nope! But that’s all I’m going to say, as I don’t want to spoil this plot twist.

Being as this was originally published by Hale as a Black Horse Western it’s a fairly short read, and due to it’s length there is no space to waste, so the reader gets a fast paced, action packed book, one that I found difficult to put down before the end.

And what of that end? All I will say is that Chap O’Keefe has yet another surprising revelation waiting, a sting-in-the-tail if you like, that finishes the book with a powerful bittersweet ending.

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