Monday, 22 August 2011

In Need of Hanging

By Billy Hall
A Black Horse Western from Hale, August 2011

For months Thad Palmer had been on Vince Long’s trail – a trail littered with raped, beaten women and people killed in cold blood. Now Thad’s hunt led him into the very valley where his own sweetheart awaited his return. He knew with certainty that she was the object of his quarry’s intent and his heart was already racing at the prospect of being with Coralee.

But as he emerged into the sunlight again bent on reaching the budding settlement, he didn’t see the rifle barrel aimed at the centre of his forehead. Can Thad save himself and the life of the ones he holds dear?

In Need of Hanging is mainly a chase story as Thad Palmer tracks the young killer, more often than not too late to save Vince Long’s latest victims.

The books begins by showing why Long became the crazy killer he is. After that the book mainly follows Palmer as his hunt becomes sidetracked a couple of times, one being warning a wagon train about a possible Indian attack. At the same time he manages to save Coralee from becoming another of Long’s kills. This, of course, is the beginning of Palmer’s and Coralee’s relationship.

There’s plenty of action, some quite graphic in description. Pacing is handled well, building in increasing speed, sweeping the reader along effortlessly towards its well-crafted ending.

With over thirty Black Horse Westerns to his name, Billy Hall once more leaves me wondering why it’s taken me so long to discover his work. Definitely an author worth taking the time to catch up on his back catalogue.

In Need of Hanging is officially released on August 31st but should be available now from all good Internet bookstores.

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