Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The Lost Trail

By Logan Winters
A Black Horse Western from Hale, May 2011

John Tanner is returning home after serving two years in prison for shooting a man – but he pleaded guilty only to protect the young and pretty Becky Canasta, whose finger actually pulled the trigger.

Now John arrives home to find that her father has had his safe looted and all his savings taken. Moreover, the robbers have taken Becky!

Desperate to find her, John begins his quest in pursuit of the outlaws. News is out about the lost treasure and dozens of men are on the trail, battling with John to be the first to the riches. But for John there is something much greater at stake – the treasure is his only clue to Becky’s whereabouts and her part in the robbery. Treachery and violence do not deter John – he will follow the trail to Hell if that is what it takes….

This really is an action packed read. Nearly every chapter has some kind of fighting within it, be it with fists or guns. The prose is straight-forward and flows smoothly as the author presents what a first seems to be a fairly traditional plotline, yet still manages to keep an air of suspicion over many of his well-drawn characters.

John Tanner makes for an interesting hero, a man who is perhaps a little too trusting. A man who once his mind is set on something will do anything to see he achieves his aim. A man who slowly begins to recognize that everything might not be as black and white as it first seems.

As the story nears its end Logan Winters springs a surprising revelation about a couple of his characters that I didn’t see coming. A twist that immediately explains much of what has been going on, yet still leaves some confusion for Tanner to try and work out.

After finishing this story I’ve been left looking forwards to Logan Winters’ next book, but know I don’t have to wait that long to read another tale by this author for Winters is a pseudonym of Paul Lederer and he has a second BHW out this month under his other pseudonym of Owen G. Irons: a book called The Predators.


RJR said...

Wow. Paul Lederer. There's a name from the past. I finished the last three books in his Shelter series many years ago as "Paul Ledd." What's he been doing since the

Steve M said...

Can only tell you that he's been having books published in Hale's Black Horse Western line since 2005 under the two pseudonyms mentioned (Owen G. Irons and Logan Winters).

Unknown said...

Bob, Paul Lederer likes to keep his life private. He did supply some info and a picture for an online article that ran in the Black Horse Extra edition for September 2009. Quote: "It has been a hard life, and I don't like revisiting it."