Thursday 31 March 2011

Hard Road to Holford

By Greg Mitchell
A Black Horse Western from Hale, March 2011

The stagecoach run from Muddy Creek to Holford should have been an easy one. But since one of the passengers is being hunted by a Mexican revolutionary colonel who was swindled in an arms deal, things are unlikely to be that simple….

Forced to abandon their coach, the travellers must experience many dangers before they reach their destination…and even then their safety is by no means guaranteed.

Greg Mitchell brings together a fascinating group of people to play the central roles in this fast moving tale. His characters are easily identifiable with and you’ll soon be wondering if any of them are exactly who they say they are. Just which of the passengers is it that the self-styled Mexican colonel wants? Or is it the stage driver or his shotgun guard? Greg Mitchell creates suspicion superbly well on all these characters.

There are plenty of well-written action sequences and descriptions of scenes are expertly drawn, making the reader feel like they are sharing the hardships of the author’s characters.

I’ve only read one of Greg Mitchell’s books before and that left me wanting to read more of his books, and this, his tenth BHW, strengthens my desire to track down more of his work.

Greg Mitchell is a pseudonym used by Paddy Gallagher.

Hard Road to Holford is officially released today, and if you’d like a copy I’d suggest you get your order in without delay, as BHW tend to sell out quickly.

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