Thursday 24 February 2011

Award-Winning Tales

Compiled by R.L. Coffield
Moonlight Mesa Associates, 2011

Ned by John Kilgore
The Wild Ones by Jonathon Adams
Waiting for a Friend by M. Carolyn Steele
The Spittoon by Mark Redmond
The Dead Rope by James O’Brien
The Taming of Jump Off Joe by Becky Coffield
Indio by Robert Walton
Navidad by Robert Walton
Maniac by Drew Davis
Showdown at Diablo Flat by Michael Fishman
The Gesture by John Kilgore
Coahuila Captive by Drew Davis
Old Outlaw by M. Edward Wyatt
Llano Estacado by Lane Thibodeaux
The Bard of Stockman Flat by Harold Miller
The Best Things by Paula L. Silici
Eight Seconds by Melissa Embry
The Mystery of Fire Opal Mine by R.L. Coffield
Hostage to Fortune by Simon Lake
All the Water You Want by Jerry Guin
Lost Letters by Barbara Marshak
The Difference Between Cowboys and Clowns by Loree Westron
The Banker’s Wife by T.A. Uner
Bull Pen by Paul Conn
Grabbing the Reins by Arthur Kerns
State of Grace by Becky Coffield

Award-Winning Tales is a collection of short stories, twenty-six of them. As you’d expect there’s a wide mix of writing styles and themes, from stories set in the old west to those set in much more modern times. There are tales based around the world of rodeo, murder, wild animals, gunmen, romance, discovery, and more. All these stories are extremely well written, many of which will remain in my memory for a long time. There are tales that are action packed, tales that spring surprises, and tales that hit hard at the emotions. Overall, these stories all make for one terrific western anthology.

Most of the above names are new to me. I have one short story by just one of these authors, and that’s Jerry Guin, his story Likker Money appears in Robert Randisi’s White Hats anthology.

Another neat addition to this book is that nearly every short story has a black and white photograph or drawing to illustrate it. At the end of each tale is a brief author bio.

The title of the book, Award-Winning Tales, is self explanatory, but where exactly did they win their awards? The majority did so in Moonlight Mesa Associates own annual Cowboy Up contest – details can be found here for this years competition, which opens on March 1st 2011.

As far as I understand it the book should be available now, in both paperback and ebook form. A portion of all sales will be donated to a charitable cause.

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