Tuesday 29 June 2010

Gideon's Guns

as by Jake Douglas
A Black Horse Western from Hale, June 2010

Gideon Kirk had lived on the edge of the law for ten years, both above and below the Rio. When he returns to Texas to take over his ailing father’s freight business, he truly believes that this is the deal he needs to shake off his past for good.

But old enemies follow him and new foes appear. Soon Gideon is forced to face his past head on….

This book starts right in the middle of a shoot-out that brings Gideon more problems than he wants. Gideon is a gunrunner and one of his clients demands he finds him some Gatling guns. The death of Gideon’s business partner also adds confusion as to who owns the freight company. The new partner adds complications of a different kind, and the local lawman holds a grudge against Gideon that can only be settled by the death of one of them.

So a whole host of challenges for Gideon to overcome and with so much happening in this tale the author tells his story at breath-taking pace making for a hard to put down book. The action scenes are well described, as are the frustrations Gideon experiences and you’ll soon be wondering how he can possibly come out on top, never mind escape with his life. The author has all the answers though and finishes everything off with a very visual shoot-out.

Gideon’s Guns proved to be an excellent read – but then again I somehow knew it would, as Jake Douglas is a pseudonym used by prolific author Keith Hetherington – and is a book that I’d say is definitely worth keeping an eye-out for.

Gideon’s Guns has an official release date of June 30th and is available to buy now.

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Ray said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this one.
Jake Douglas is another of my favourites.