Sunday, 25 April 2010

Murdering Wells

as by Greg Mitchell
A Black Horse Western from Hale, April 2010

When a military deserter robs a mail contractor and leaves him to the mercy of Apache raiders in a remote corner of Arizona, the contractor’s brother, Luke Adison, vows to track down those responsible.

Soon, the tables turn, however, as Luke is captured by the deserters. Will he manage to escape and avenge his brother, or will he learn the true secret behind the sinisterly named Murdering Wells?

Luke Adison makes for an engaging hero. He’s a man who is perhaps a little too trusting, particularly of women. But having said that when he teams up with a brother and sister he does remain slightly suspicious of them – and they of him. This allows the author to add a sense of mystery to the tale around their reasons for wanting to find the deserters.

Greg Mitchell’s descriptions are very well written. When his characters are struggling to survive in the desert you share their thirst, feel the heat of the sun.

And what of the secret of Murdering Wells? I’m not going to reveal that here but I will say it makes for a fine conclusion to the story and leads to a just ending for some of the characters.

Greg Mitchell is a pseudonym used by Paddy Gallagher and here he presents the reader with an entertaining read that offers great characters, plenty of action and a few surprises along the way.

Murdering Wells is the ninth book from this author, but the first one I’ve read, and it definitely has me wanting to check out more of his work.

The book is officially published on April 30th but is available now from the usual Internet sources.

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