Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Wilderness #49

as by David Thompson
Leisure, August 2006

Now settled in the new valley the King’s will come face to face with a peril they’ve never before known. Some of the countries most vicious predators are stalking the King’s and their friends. The wolverine is a cunning savage killer that knows no fear. One wolverine is dangerous enough, but five live in this valley...and they’re out for blood.

This book had me gripped from page one. Be it the passages told from the wolverine’s viewpoint, the time endless arguements between man and woman, the beautiful descriptions of the wilderness, the struggles for survival, the spine-tingling terror of being hunted by an unseen enemy, the warmth and recklessness of love, and the violent confrontations between man and animal. All this combined with cliff-hanger scene endings made this a book that just had to be read in one sitting.

And that’s not all, David Thompson still manages to inject hints of what is to come, maybe, in further entries to the series; just what lives in the lake? Why do the Indians fear the glacier? And will Zach ever realise what Louisa was talking about?

I don’t know how David Thompson does it but the Wilderness series just goes from strength to strength, each book filled with masterful storytelling, that not only entertain but touch the emotions too.

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