Saturday, 19 July 2008

The Pecos Kid #4

as by Jack Bodine
Harper, November 1993

Everyone tells Duane Braddock to stay out of Escondido. But a month alone in the desert, even with his Apache trained survival skills, is a month too long. He’s just partial to trouble – and when he’s hired to bring order to the outlaw town, there’s plenty for the taking. Before the day is out, four bullies are dead and the cold-blooded killer responsible is just warming up for his real target – Braddock. Duane knows that the truth about his family and his past is at stake, sending him on a vengeance ride that will end in a hail of lightning quick lead.

An interesting entry into this series as it sees Duane Braddock searching for his past, searching for information about his parents; who they were and how they died. Only problem is anyone who tells him anything winds up dead.

The author, Len Levinson – writing as Jack Bodine – fills the book with action and incident. He soon has the reader hooked by firing questions about Braddock’s parents that make the reader want to know the answer as much as his hero does. Most of his very well drawn characters become suspects, even those who seem to be helping Braddock.

As Braddock slowly unveils the answers so he begins to uncover the truth about his parents and the author snares the reader with hints of a storyline to come, thus guaranteeing the reader will seek out the next book in the series.

As with other books I’ve read by Len Levinson I found this to be a very enjoyable read.

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