Sunday, 20 July 2008

Navajo Rock

 by Gillian F. Taylor
A Black Horse Western from Hale, 2002

A story of jealousy, hate and revenge. The jealousy and hatred of a strong friendship and white hatred of the Navajo Indian all combine to bring about a violent confrontation, which results in Buck Heeley and Scott Beaumont fleeing from friends and family. Peter Clayton swears revenge and the two fugitives find themselves being tracked by a deadly bounty hunter.

Gillian F. Taylor creates some very memorable characters in this fast moving story, her descriptions of the country painting vivid imagery. As the tale unfolds you cannot help wonder how Heeley and Beaumont can come out of it alive. The bounty hunter and Beaumont’s father are particularly well written characters.

If you enjoy reading about horses then you’ll like this as Heeley’s stallion has a leading role through most of the book.

It would also seem that Gillian has done a far amount of research for this story, the results of which add authenticity to the landscapes and other elements such as the making of Navajo jewellery.

This book made for a very enjoyable read and will have me searching for more of her work.



I love good cover art and the BHW's all have the kind of pulp alike covers that I dig. Great blog mate, keep it up.

Steve M said...

Agree, the BHWs definately have a pulp look.

Thanks for the comment about the blog, and I do intend to try! :)