Saturday, 19 July 2008

The Spanish Bit Saga #10

by Don Coldsmith
Bantam, February 1989
 original Doubleday, 1986

This tale begins a couple of years after book #9 in the series and continues the story of Pale Star. She’s now married to the scout Brule. When they are both chosen to guide Andre Du Pres and Cartier, both soldiers in the French army, down the Big River into uncharted territory, Star sees this as an opportunity to return to her people. What she doesn’t anticipate is Du Pres falling in love with her. What she does know is she is falling for him. Neither will go behind Brule’s back so the love stays forbidden, not even admitted to each other.

Again Don Coldsmith writes a terrific book of friendships, exploration and discovery. Of two Frenchmen being captivated by a country and it’s native people. Of tragedy, of wonder, and a sudden death that is unsuspected by the reader.

I now quote from Loren D. Estleman’s introduction, ‘the death of ********* should be required reading for every would-be writer who insists upon shedding the readers tears’.

This book is a perfect example of why this series is held in such high acclaim by many.

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