Sunday, 13 July 2008

The Legendary Kid Donovan

by E. K. Recknor
Signet, September 2005

Some legends are born. Some legends are made. And some legends are just plain bull.

Newly orphaned, and far from New York, young Horrace Tate Pemberton Smith arrives in Tonto’s Wickiup, Arizona, to meet his only surviving family member - Uncle Hector. Unfortunately Hector didn’t survive a recent mine shaft cave-in, and Horace inherits his uncle’s mining claims, as well as his uncle’s most prized possession: a bordello. While inspecting his mines, Horace finds himslef face-to-face with a renowned gunfighter who, by luck, ends up dead. Horace gets the credit for the kill and a bold new name: Kid Donovan. Now with a cathouse to run, gunslingers to outrun and an unwarranted reputation, Kid Donovan is going to have to use all his brains or his name will live a lot longer than he does...

Books written in the first person are not my usual choice of reading material but this one soon had me hooked as I became caught up in the well written and intriguing plot. The whole story seems to have a bemused tone to it as Smith attempts to come to grips with the events that turn him into the legenary Kid Donovan.

There’s a great supporting cast of characters too, Cole Jefferies who takes Smith under his wing, the two old-timers Jingles and Lop Ear - who provide many moments of humour - to name a few.

Ellen Recknor has come up with an engaging storyline with this book, a tale that presents the reader with many questions that all become resolved in an exciting climax, that should make this book essential reading for western fans.

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