Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Canyon O'Grady #4

as by Jon Sharpe
Signet, November 1989

As America split between North and South, Missouri was a border state both sides wanted. The President sent Canyon O’Grady there in an attempt to keep a pro-slavery candidate from using bullets to win a vital election. The big redheaded special agent had his gun hands full as he laid down a field of fire to stem the torrent of terror sweeping the land. But the job got even harder for O’Grady when a pair of sensual sisters got in a tug-of-war over his body…and he found himself in a crossfire of double-cross, where the only thing he could trust was his Colt…

The story includes a well-written horse race, double-cross and plenty of intrigue. Not as much ‘fighting’ action as I expected from a Sharpe book but nevertheless it held my attention well as the plot thickened and moved swiftly to the final showdown.

The author also shows O’Grady to make mistakes, letting his desire for a beautiful women keep him from doing what he should have done, which results in two peoples deaths. In my humble opinion this shows O’Grady to be more human than the superhero type some western characters seem to be.

Classic typo error, page 28 when Canyon O’Grady suddenly turns into Jon Sharpe’s other hero Fargo!

Maybe not the best Canyon O'Grady book I've read but it still proved to be an entertaining way to pass a couple of hours.
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