Monday, 28 July 2008

Once A Lawman

by Peter Brandvold
Berkley, November 2000

Sheriff Ben Stillman investigates seemingly random killings, the victims all having their throats slashed. What is the motive behind these killings? Are the victims linked? Are the killings the work of a madman who kills just for pleasure? Stillman finds determinating the truth his toughest job yet in his long career as a lawman, and if he doesn’t stop the killer within seven days the town council will want his badge and he’ll gladly hand it over. As the killings continue and Stillman still hasn’t any clues it looks like that badge will be turned in.

The subplot involves Stillman’s wife, Fay. Her job as schoolteacher brings her into contact with a beaten wife and a frightened little girl. Can she help them in anyway; stop the drunken husband from doing anything worse to his family?

Peter Brandvold once again provides a well thought out book, a tale that has you wondering as to the identity of the killer and to the reasons he’s killing. Brutal at times, the story proved to be gripping and satisfying.

If you like your westerns to have a savage edge then Peter Brandvold is an author definitely worth checking out.



Not only do I find your review interesting and a good indication of what I should read, I love your cover images. These are a big part of what keeps me coming here to read new posts.

This blog'll end up being a great resource for western fans. And I hope you can review my novel, The Tarnished Star when it is published by Black Horse Westerns.

I'll get you a copy.

Chris said...

You're one heck of a reader. Wish I could mow 'em down as fast as you. Really enjoying the reviews--lots and lots to put on the reading list.

Steve M said...

Archavist - I look forward to reading The Tarnished Star when it becomes available.

The cover images have required some work occasionally, I enjoy making battered covers look new again.

Chris - A lot of these reviews already exist so it's just a matter of finding, or scanning, a cover and then copying and pasting. Eventually I'll run out of these so it'll be new reviews. That'll mean the posting will slow down some as I only manage to read about 8 books a month.