Tuesday, 15 July 2008

The Accomplice

as by Marcus Galloway
Berkley, February 2007

Book one in The Accomplice series.

Dallas was a good place for Caleb Wayfinder, a place to make his fortune – and others were willing to kill for it. But when fate crosses his path, it’s Caleb who pulls the trigger and seals his destiny as a man on the run. His dark trail leads him into the confidence of the infamous Doc Holliday – gambler, con man and thief. Now Caleb has the Devil on his shoulder – and together they’re going to blast their way into history. Even if it kills them.

Not another story about the last days of Doc Holliday’s life or that famous gunfight with the Earps I thought when finding out who one of the main characters of The Accomplice was. But no, none of that here. This story covers a much earlier period in Holliday’s life. A time when Holliday was working as a dentist – and if you don’t enjoy going to the dentist then perhaps you should skip the parts that take place in his surgery.

Marcus Galloway has come up with a winner here. His characters – both good and bad - are believable and are presented in a story that moves fluidly to the end. A story based around the gambling scene that soon becomes twisted by double-cross. A story that shows a different part of Doc Holliday’s life than we are, perhaps, used to reading about.

Marcus Galloway is fast becoming one of my favourite authors writing today and should be checked out as soon as possible.

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