Monday, 14 July 2008

The Lawmen #2

as by J.B. Dancer
Coronet 1977

The Lawmen are hired to tackle Missouri Raiders. As America rushes into Civil War other people see the coming war as a way to riches. Lee Fisher infiltrates the gang with Emma Wright posing as his mistress. Brad McGarry is waiting in Northville.

Fisher has to be tested to be accepted into the gang and this involves killing people he’s here to protect. This only succeeds in fuelling the bitter hatred he has for the Raiders.

Emma struggles with her emotions, fighting her attraction to Fisher who’s made it very plain he likes her.

McGarry plays a waiting game, waiting to spring a trap in Northville.

But nothing is straightforward. Fisher is exposed as a spy. McGarry finds no one willing or able to stand with him in Northville. The Raiders ride for the town to destroy it completely.

This book builds in increasing pace to the final showdown in the town of Northville. The writing is confident and gripping but for those who've read many westerns the story doesn't really offer anything new. Having said that Kansas, Bloody Kansas is an entertaining read. As is expected from a book written by a member of the Piccadilly Cowboys (this time Angus Wells) there is plenty of brutal, graphic violence.

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madshadows said...

Excellent series, pity it only lasted for 6 books, some of my favourite covers out of the UK Western series by the Piccadilly Cowboys. The review makes me feel like digging those books out to read again.

Steve M said...

I've been thinking of re-reading many of the PC westerns but keep thinking I've so much new stuff to read too...