Sunday, 27 July 2008

Morgan Kane #22

as by Louis Masterson
Corgi, 1973 - translated from the Norwegian original (1968) by Phil Newth

Kane is sent to investigate reports of gang raids on both sides of the border, looting, burning of ranches, kidnappings and terrorizing of towns are just some of the atrocities being committed. Seems the Rurales are protecting the raiders too. The last Marshal sent to investigate was found barely alive with his tongue sliced out.

Another action packed story from this series, again I feel Masterson (author Kjell Hallbing) portrays fear well, and interestingly shows how Kane is sickened by having to kill, yet can become a homicidal manic himself when needs be.

Some great characters appear in the story along with an enemy from Kane’s past - see book 17: Rio Grande.

As is quite often the case in this series, when you think Kane has come through to a reasonable ‘happy’ end something happens to fill his soul with more bitterness.

If you like the more brutal style westerns you wont be disappointed by this one.
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