Friday, 18 July 2008

Rogue Lawman

by Peter Brandvold
Berkley, September 2005

This is the first in a new series from Peter Brandvold featuring ex-Deputy Marshal Gideon Hawk.

Famed lawman Gideon Hawk was a man of principle - until Ned Meade kills Hawk’s ten year old son...and the grisly act drove Hawk’s grief-stricken wife to hang herself. Now, robbed of kin, Hawk sets out on a brutal quest to find the man responsible - at any cost, even if it means being hunted by the deputies he once worked with as his lust for revenge changes Hawk from a lawman who abided by the rules to a wanted man...

This book is filled with one violent confrontation after another, tough and at times sadistic action, that will satisfy anyone who likes the reading brutal and bloody.

Peter Brandvold paints a savage picture of the west, in fact many times his descriptive words created vivid images within my mind. His bad guys are vile and his hero, Gideon Hawk, is definitely an anti-hero who can be as cruel as those he’s hunting.

If you like westerns with obvious lines between the good and the bad then maybe this isn’t for you but, if like me, you enjoy the more savage types of western fiction then get this book now!

Peter Brandvold has produced a new western character that I think will become a favourite of mine.

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Mister Roy said...

Sounds great Steve. Another one on the list!