Monday, 14 July 2008

Longarm and the Golden Eagle Shoot-Out

as by Tabor Evans
Jove, October 2007

Felix Gaunt, with an impressively long criminal record, makes the mistake of shooting a federal employee. Unknown to him he now has Deputy U.S. Marshal Custis Long breathing down his neck from Wichita to Fort Worth. But then a contest seeking the fastest draw and best shot in the West lures both men to enter. Longarm will have to dispatch a few other contestants along the way, but he’s got his eyes set on the grand prize – Felix Gaunt in a pine box.

What a shame the back blurb to this book doesn’t mention that this Longarm Giant Edition sees the return of the leading characters from the long gone Doc and Raider series as they feature as much in this fast moving story as does Deputy Long.

The author (James Reasoner) writes a few chapters about each of his three leading characters before they all find themselves drawn together at the event to win the Golden Eagle of the title, all being driven by different reasons for being there, only to find things ain’t what they seem when the contest begins. What unfolds means that Long, Raider and Doc can now work together for the latter part of the story.

And what a story it is for Mr. Reasoner has one hell of a twist waiting for his heroes and readers, a twist I’m not going to even hint at here other than to say it made me gasp out loud it was so unexpected – not least the possibilities it throws up for future storylines.

For fans of Longarm – and fans of Doc and Raider – and for people who just want a great western to read this is definately worth checking out.

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