Sunday, 13 July 2008


 by Tim McGuire
Leisure, November 2001

The fourth book featuring Clay Cole: The Rainmaker

The Indian Territory was a wild, lawless place, a place not many white men dared enter - unless they had a reason. Clay Cole had a very good reason. He wanted to avoid the law. Cole had a price on his head and bounty hunters on his trail, so he thought it best to keep out of sight. But his plans all changed when he tries to save someone’s life. When the smoke clears he had a Nez Perce baby on his hands, and an obligation born of guilt and honour to find the infant’s people. That meant travel and lots of it - travel through some very dangerous territory...

This is a story that will lift and tear at your emotions as you read the engaging bonding between Cole and the Nez Perce infant, share the ups and downs of Cole’s guilt at how he came to be saddled with the child. Share his sense of loss when the youngster goes missing and his elation at finding her again.

All the above mixed in with the threat of death as the bounty hunters close in, as the truth about who, and what Cole has done, becomes known to the vividly drawn characters that fill this book.

If the ending of this beautifully written book doesn’t bring a lump to your throat, for more than one reason, then you just aint human!

For me, definately Tim McGuire’s best work to date.

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