Friday, 18 July 2008

Sons of Daniel Shaye #1

by Robert J. Randisi
HarperTorch, September 2004

Dan Shaye was the sheriff of Epitaph, a devoted family man, he’d managed to keep the truth of his violent past hidden from the townfolk he protected. Then Ethan Langer and his gang rode into town and robbed the bank. When they rode out Dan’s beloved wife was lying dead in the dust. Now Daniel Shaye is leaving Epitaph, maybe for good, with his three motherless adult sons at his side. Now the Shayes ride to uphold a new law...called revenge.

Like many books by Robert Randisi this tale is dialogue driven. Due to this, and short chapters of two or three pages in length, this is a quick read.

There’s not a lot of action until quite a way into the story but Randisi uses this part of the story to skillfully flesh out his characters, both good and bad. The fact the not all the brothers hearts are into killing, instead would prefer to catch and take the bank robbers in to stand trial, allows Randisi to include some thought provoking discussions on the right and wrongs of killing for vengeance and on the existance of God.

LEAVING EPITAPH is the first in what seems to be a trilogy and I am looking forward to reading the next two.

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