Monday, 14 July 2008

The Trailsman #303

as by Jon Sharpe
Signet, January 2007

Skye Fargo is leading a column of raw Army recruits through the northern Rockies to scout out new fort placements when he discovers Indian tracks that are too close for comfort. But there’s something more dangerous than warrior braves after them, it’s a murderer already amoung them.

The Trailsman books are known for being action packed and this one is filled almost to the brim. For fans of fast paced reading that moves from one violent confrontation to another as quickly as you can draw a breath, then this can’t fail to hit all the right spots.

Jon Sharpe (in this case, David Robbins) combines a number of fascinating characters, such as Mountain Joe and Prissy, – and who could forget Matilda the mule – Sergeant Macon (whose job of bringing in deserters would make him an ideal candidate for a series of his own), and the killer.

Using a serial killer makes for a different kind of main protagonist for this series and allows for a high death toll, probably the highest number of killings in a Trailsman book for a long time. And, for a Trailsman book, much less sex, which made for a better read for me, a trend I’m hoping will continue.

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