Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Last Stage to Gomorrah

as by Barry Cord
Stoneshire, 1983
reprint of a 1966 Tower publication

Frank Hayes was a stagecoach guard. When Hayes, the stagecoach and a quarter of a million dollars of gold disappear without a trace, Wells Fargo find themselves with an insurance claim on their hands.

Jeff Carter owes Sturvesant, Wells Fargo’s boss, a favour and heads for Gomorrah to find the missing gold. Trouble was three previous investigators had already been shot dead and it soon looked like Carter would be joining them.

Having enjoyed reading a Barry Cord book before I had high hopes for this one and once again the author delivered the goods. Plenty of mystery and well-drawn characters grabbed my attention straight away. Other events began to tangle the plot line too, such as a woman from Carter’s past being in Gomorrah, just what role did she play in the disappearance of the stagecoach? The young Indian Topah, whose parents have been killed by four gunmen, these killings being witnessed by Carter, what role would he have to play in the story?

This is a book that is filled with action and moves to its climax at a gripping fast pace. All the story threads come together in a dramatic finale that answers all questions.

If you’re a fan of westerns and have never read anything by Barry Cord then maybe its time you did.

Barry Cord is a pseudonym for Peter Germano.

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IH said...

Fairly evocative cover on this book...