Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Chance #7

as by Clay Tanner
Avon, September 1987

A meat shortage on board the Wild Card sees Chance leave his riverboat to go ashore hunting for game. Savagely mauled by a grizzly bear Chance struggles to survive weaponless in the Dakota wilderness. If that isn’t enough he soon finds himself the prey of vigilantes who believe he’s a bank robber. A lawman arrives and takes control of the situation only to take Chance to the hellhole of Beltin where they’ll hang Chance legal like for the lawman too believes Chance is the outlaw who emptied the bank. Soon Chance finds himself trapped in Beltin as the real robbers clan arrive with the intention of wiping Beltin, and everyone in it, off the map.

Almost a book of two parts, Chances’ fight to survive in the wilderness and then the troubles of Beltin. Both parts mesh together well and you’ve moved from one to the other almost without realizing it.

The final showdown in the town of Beltin is violent and exciting as a couple of men take on impossible odds.

And for Chance there’s the women from his past, a woman from book one of the series, a woman who owes Chance big time, a woman he’d loved. Will this surprise meeting bring forth love, revenge or sadness? That’s not for me to say here, you must find that out for yourself.

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