Sunday, 3 August 2008

Wilderness #53

as by David Thompson
Leisure, September 2007

Simon and Felicity Ward are enjoying their life in the wilderness and deeply love the valley where they’ve built their homestead. Now a ruthless Easterner has laid claim to hundreds of square miles as his private hunting preserve, including the Wards’ land. Alone Simon and Felicity are unable to stand up to Lord Kilraven and his companions, but with Zach King’s help everything may not be lost, as he won’t leave his friends to fight alone – even if it costs him his life.

Once started I found this book impossible to put down. David Thompson (Robbins) masterfully hooks the reader with superb descriptions of the country, life in the wilderness, and engaging characters – both good and bad, and defies the reader to put the book down before reaching the end.

As the story builds towards its climax with increasingly savagery – the whipping scenes being written so well I could almost feel the effects of each brutal lash – it came as a wlcome surprise that the ending was almost understated.

A beautifully written book that once more proves why the Wilderness series continues to go from strength to strength.

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