Monday, 4 August 2008

Rogue Lawman #2

by Peter Brandvold
Berkley, April 2006

Deputy U.S. Marshal Gideon Hawk is a hunted man. Now he’s hiding out in a remote cabin, hoping to simply disappear. But when Catherine McCormick seeks him out he knows the respite is over. An outlaw gang have moved into the local mining town, ravaging and brutalizing at will - killing Catherine’s ten-year-old brother. She’s willing to give Hawk anything to hunt the raiders down and dispense justice, his way. But where eveil men are concerned, the only payment Hawk needs is in blood...

The second Rogue Lawman book begins sometime after the first and Gideon Hawk has a deadly reputation, there’s even dime novels about him. But his notoriety is embarrassing a group of state governors who want the law upheld the legal way, not out of the barrel of a gun, and they send a man to bring Hawk down, a man Hawk taught to be a lawman. So while Hawk hunts the outlaws a lawman hunts him.

Once more Peter Brandvold has written a very fast moving book, a book that seems to be one long blood feast that will satisfy any reader who enjoys action packed reads. The characters, both male and female, are well-drawn, tough, and at times brutal, who will stick in your mind for a long-time.

Quite why Brandvold’s books carry a quote about him being the next Louis L’Amour I don’t know, as his books nod more towards spaghetti westerns than L’Amour's more traditional approach.

You want a well written, savage, western to read? Have never tried Peter Brandvold’s books? Then I suggest you do something about it right now!


Mister Roy said...

Your wish is my command - have ordered the first one. The 'look inside' excerpt on Amazon had me hooked!

Mister Roy said...

...and I wasn't disappointed. "- not in any way at all." :)