Sunday, 17 August 2008

Hell in Paradise Valley

 as by Barry Cord
Trojan, publication date unknown

When Jess Riley agreed to drive a herd into Paradise Valley, he didn’t know it was a herd of sheep. Jess was a cattleman from way back, and shared the cattleman’s contempt for sheep and sheep herders. But he’d given his word, and he’d have to follow through.

Trouble was, to reach the valley, he’d have to tangle with a lot of angry, gun-toting Texas cattle ranchers who were willing to kill rather than let sheep onto their land. Jess didn’t worry too much about that – he could take care of himself. But there was Luisa to consider, the beautiful Mexican girl who was married to the owner of the herd – or was she?

This promised to be the most unusual trail drive. Jess just hoped they’d all come out of it alive!

Barry Cord’s fast moving storyline is hiding more secrets than that of whether Luisa is really married or not, it also seems that Owens isn’t who he says he is. Paradise Valley has its own secrets too, centering on the ranch Owens has bought. There’s a lot more to this tale than just stopping the arrival of the sheep.

The book itself is short, easily readable in a couple of hours. Most of the gunplay isn’t written about, only its aftermath. So if action aplenty is what you’re looking for then you may be disappointed. If you want an entertaining story with a twisting plotline and interesting characters then you shouldn’t let this one slip past you.

Me? I’ll be looking out for other Barry Cord books at every chance I have.

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