Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Tanner's Guns

as by Matt Logan
Lulu, April 2007
originally published as a Black Horse Western, 1991

Pancho Villa needed guns before he could march on Mexico City. Elliott Blaze had a whole damn’ arsenal for sale. All he needed was someone to deliver the weapons to the bandit general – and that was where Jake Tanner came into it, and in next to no time he was up to his shell-belt in trouble; dodging outlaws, swapping lead with the armies of two countries and, in a final, terrifying showdown, pitting his wits against the federales’ awesome secret weapon!

Tanner’s Guns is a fast paced, gripping, well told story, that has two great main characters, that of Tanner himself and his sidekick, Englishman Harry Stanford-Brown. Matt Logan’s descriptions of locations and action come over as very visual reading.

Matt Logan also includes some interesting background information to the Mexican Revolution that seems to be a natural part of the story rather than an added history lesson.

There’s a great twist to the tale when the lost guns turn up again, and the federales’ secret weapon makes for an exciting final battle.

This is the first book I’ve read by Matt Logan (writer David Whitehead) and I found it impossible to put down once started. Now I’m eager to hunt through my collection for the other books I have by this author.

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