Friday, 1 August 2008

Raider #2

as by J.D. Hardin
Berkley, August 1987

When a big top circus joins up with a wild west show, the main attraction is murder. Even Raider has to admit that he’s never seen an operation as low-down shady – from the aging gunslinger to the circus cuties. What starts with a stolen strongbox of payroll gold, ends with a savage kidnapping and killing. But the show must go on, even if some bushwhacking back-shooter will stop at nothing to make sure it never gets on the road.

This book is almost two stories in one, a short story to begin with that has Raider helping an aging Judge sort out a case of missing cattle before he’s sent on his main mission; that involving the circus.

The author behind the J.D. Hardin pseudonym this time is Coleman Stokes – who wrote the first book of this series and will be one of the main writers until the series ends with book 42.

The circus setting allows the author to introduce the reader to all kinds of strange and eccentric characters, and he soon has the reader, and Raider, caught up in a story of mystery and intrigue, as any one of these wonderful characters could be behind the robbery and killing.

Along the way there are one or two surprises thrown in to further complicate the plot and there’s plenty of action to keep the readers attention.
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