Thursday, 7 August 2008

Easy Company #19

as by John Wesley Howard
Jove, August 1982

A wounded rustler, who turns out to be a woman, the arrival, by mistake, at Easy of a ‘green’ army doctor and stirred up Sioux all link to provide Easy with more than enough trouble. Seems the rustlers have more than rustling on their agenda and getting the women out of the outpost is one of them, this involves a traveling photographer. The son of the Sioux chief ends up on the white doctor’s operating table and if he dies war is inevitable...could be if he lives too!

The author (Kenneth Bjorgum in this case) of this book puts the men of Easy into some tough situations and you just have to wonder at how they’ll come out on top. Many of the series' regular soldiers and wives play important parts in this story that seems to get more complicated as it goes on.

I found the book to be a fast easy read. The author must have done quite a bit of research into operations as these are covered in detail. The urgency to solve the problems faced by Easy are nicely balanced with the humorous banter between the soldiers and civilians, most notably the photographer.

All in all this is an entertaining book and a good entry into this series.

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