Monday, 25 August 2008

Easy Company #20

as by John Wesley Howard
Jove, September 1982

Wyoming is baking under the hottest spell of the summer, the heat and dryness of the land fraying tempers and making the life of the soldiers of Easy Company almost unbearable. And to top it all, at twilight, someone is shooting at the patrolling guards, a sniper who leaves no trace of his presence. At the same time Lt. Matt Kincaid is in the gold rush town of Monument trying to put an end to the violence and killings in this town of dreamers and gunslingers, a job that may just cost his life.

I’ve always enjoyed the books in this series and The Twilight Sniper is no exception. It’s combination of action and humour combine to make a satisfying read. I particularly enjoyed the pranks two of the soldiers kept playing on each other as the endless heat drove them towards madness.

This is really a book of two storylines, that of the sniper and that of the troubles in Monument. Neither story merging with the other but rather complimenting each other. The author behind the pseudonym of John Wesley Howard this time is Paul Lederer and by using this method of two stories, is able to make use of many of Easy Company’s regular characters, so if you have a favourite chances are he’ll be included at sometime during this story.

If you want an entertaining read then give this a try.

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